Training and

There is a lot of hard work in a good team. Especially when it comes to emerging disciplines like sustainability training and coaching make all the difference between a good start and a failed endeavor. We help you to get your crew ready to make an impact.

How to setup a CSR Department

CSR is becoming an integral part of the corporate landscape. Not only because CSR is becoming more important for our common good, it is also becoming mandatory by law. CSR departments are given the same status as accounting, marketing or controlling. They will become an important cog in the overall corporate process. We help you to build up such a department from scratch and to integrate it in the right place in your company.

CSR Employer Training

Your employees are your capital. This also applies when it comes to the responsibility of your company. What’s more, in this interconnected world, wrong behaviour by a single person can cause significant damage to brand reputation. It is important to create this awareness among your employees. With this workshop we show how each individual can contribute to this responsibility. Together with the executive level we design the workshop series, tailored to the needs of the company.

C-Suite Sustainability Training

CEOs are expected to bring change. Not only from their own employees, but from all stakeholders. Sustainability is one of the leading issues that will occupy them during their time in this position. Also, for CFOs and Risk Managers sustainability is one of the future fields in finance and investment strategy. With this executive training we help the C-Suite to identify the opportunities and risks in this sensitive topic and give you a red-hot overview.


Sustainable management is complex. It is difficult to keep track of everything. In the meantime, several frameworks, strategies and orientations have emerged. It is difficult to keep the overview. We help you to see through this jungle.