Get a clear picture.
Inside and out.

Reputation risk analysis

Don’t let your green
efforts get tainted

We provide you with realtime in-depth data to make sure you don’t suffer damage from greenwashing-allegations.

↳ Sentiment Analysis (Brand Reputation) /
Research and Data driven Analytics
• owned media (reports, website, annual reports)
• paid media (advertising)
• earned content (media, public relations, NGOs)

↳ Competitors & NGO/critics monitoring

↳ Stakeholder dialog
What are the expectations of your investors, customers and employees? Are they met?

↳ ESG score reputation

↳ Corporate & brand communication analysis

↳ Product communication analysis

↳ Influencer analysis

↳ Sponsorship analysis

Your Benefit

Making informed decisions needs information. By learning about you, your customers and stake- and shareholders we help you to uncover unexplored potential for novel services and products that meet their and exceed your expectations.

Sustainability analysis

You can’t measure
what you don’t know

↳ What’s your actual carbon footprint

↳ High scores need heightened awareness: ESG risk monitoring for your business and industry

↳ The whole lifecycle: sustainability analysis of your product chains

↳ Ecosystem Assessment

Ecosystem Assessment

Our Ecosystem Assessment provides you with the most in-detail, in-depth, in-everything analysis of your company and its environment. Learn about your sustainability efforts, effectiveness, reception, strengths and weaknesses and everything else that makes a lasting impact on your business and our nature.